In order to fully enjoy an adventure in the middle of the nature, before leaving, please note some tips, recommendations and preliminary preparations.




• Please wear appropriate FOOTWEAR for TREKKING or HIKING and comfortable clothes.

• It is recommended bring WATER to hydrate during the route.

• For the route "Full Discovery" also should be taken into account that we are in an area of great climate variability and that throughout the six days maybe you need different CLOTHES to adapt to CHANGES in temperature and weather, depending on the season of the year.

• For the route "Full Discovery" in order to make the most the trip and enjoy all the places offered by the river, in some shallow sections we cross the river, so it is necessary to wear suitable FOOTWEAR for WATER SPORTS (for reasons of health and hygiene the company cannot provide the service of rent). If the customer can not obtain them, DISCOVERING FLUVIÀ can sell you them if are requested in advance.

• The guide will accompany you and will advise throughout the journey. Tthe company not be held responsible for the incidents that may result from not following the rules detailed for their guides or produced outside the established route.




The first day, customers can be collected: at the Airport of Girona, in the High-speed railway station of Girona, or at another point or city previously agreed.

Recollida de  senderistes a l'aeroportThe luggage of the customers will be collected in the morning at the accommodation of starting (or when we collect the customers on the first day) and will be transferred by our team at the accommodation of arrival. We recommend that you bring a small backpack for those objects and clothing that you needed during the tour.

If customers want to rent extra days in another town (Girona, Figueres, or anyone of the Costa Brava) before or after making the route, there is the possibility of renting accommodation through DISCOVERING FLUVIÀ (see section "prices").

• To make the route in 6 days, the first day should be at the meeting point of Girona as later at 7.30 am, or 8.30 am. If you leave from Olot. In this case, the first day we will unch on the way (in Les Preses) and we will walk during the afternoon. ATTENTION to enjoy this formula should be used to walking, because the route of the first day exceeds 22 km and we will walk all day.

• We are in a variable natural environment , so in case of flooding, and for security reasons, we will modify those sections that cross the river or spend very close, and it will exchanged for alternative itineraries. All alternative itineraries, although not are as close to the river, are designed to do the discovery of other natural and cultural places of high interest.

•If the weather conditions were extreme and prevent the completion of the route, the company will offer customers the option of making it on other dates, when customers decide, without any additional cost.

• If your booking includes accommodation (guided and autoguided modalities) you have to make a deposit of 10%, please refer to the conditions in the section "prices".



The guide always bring a first aid kit to attend small incidents during the tour. If you need any specific medication, you have to bring it into the personal backpack.

• Although almost the entire route runs through stretches without any difficulty, customers are protected by an insurance policy to cover the eventuality of accidents that could happen.

• If you wish, we can provide you information about other locations and interesting places nearby.

• In the "Full Discovery" meals are included, this includes: the initial breakfast before leaving, a breakfast prepared to eat during the tour, lunch and dinner. For the lunch and dinner we have selected especially the restaurants in order to offer the highest quality regional cuisine. Any other drink or meal will go to customer account.

• If you have any special nutritional intolerance, let us know!.

• In the "Full Discovery", after lunch (with the exception of the first day) customers will have free time to rest or enjoy the environment. If you choose this option, we'll provide you a list of activities to do in the afternoon; including cultural activities, artistic discovery, adventure, and discovery of the environment.