Discover the river while we have fun!

Tours and excursions for schools and summer camps.


We offer a comprehensive educational project by discovery of the River Fluvià. We have selected the most significant places to understand the different parts of the river and the peculiarities that characterizes it.

Each trip is organized as a comprehensive educational project, in which, through games and activities, children are introduced to the knowledge of the water cycle, to water interactions with the physical and human environment, to wildlife and vegetation, and even to the history and the art.

* We can also organize your summer camp to follow all the river for a week !!!



Routes for "frogs" (intermediate and higher, 7-11 years)













































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Excursions for "otters" (higher, 9-11 years)
























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» The tours start at 10 am and can be performed from Monday to Friday.

» The routes for "frogs" are carried out during the morning, while excursions for "otters" lasts all day, so children must bring lunch.

» All routes are circular, with arrivals and departures at the same point. The start is indicated in the above descriptions, unless alternatives agreed with teachers or instructors.

» During the tour, in addition to the explanations of the monitors, we will offer to the children a variety of activities to carry out in order to facilitate the understanding of the natural environment.

» We are open to your suggestions and proposals in order to adapt us to your needs, or to organize other routes based on your educational projects.